A job is referred to a panda, pantha or search for a hit. It is a way to collect hits and is shown in the script as a cell or a box. Each cell shows the title, pay rate, description, qualification, number of hits and a short group id number. Each cell also has 4 buttons to collect hits, go ham collecting hits, edit the details or delete the job. It also shows the status of the accepted hits, number of missed hits or total times searched. If the job has a weight to it it will also show after the buttons. Check the image below to find out where everything is displayed.

Jobs descriptions

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Add Job

There are 3 ways in this script to add a job. The easiest and fastes way is to push the "Add Job" button in the Quick Button Row. Just paste a panda url into the text field and then click on the "Add Panda for Group ID Hit" button. You can also paste the groupid into that field to add it also. It will also accept a url if it's a panda url.

Add Job1

The second way to add is the same way but just one click more. The same "Add Job" button is also under the Jobs Menu at the top. It's best just to use the quick button.

Add Job2

The third way it to use the "Search Mturk" button in the Quick Button Row. It will show a window and an input field where you can type a search term. Once you click on the search button it will show the first 50 hits on mturk. You will see three buttons on the right side. Panda button will add the hit info to the main tab and start collecting it automatically. The Once button will add the hit info and only collect one hit. It will stop collecting but will not delete that job. The Add button will add the hit info but won't collect it automatically. This is good if you need to change options for it before collecting.

Add Job3

The best thing about using the third option to add a job is it fills in all details for the job. It will know the requester ID, group ID, title, description, qualifications, number of hits and reward price. Great way to easily add a search mode job if you need it for a requester.

There is another way to add jobs but that is a separate script called Panda Crazy Helper which adds the Panda and Once buttons to mturk pages. Those buttons do the same thing as the buttons described above.

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Mute Job Alarm

There are two ways to mute an alarm for a job. When the script collects a hit it will sound an alarm which can get annoying if you are collecting a lot from a batch. Add Jobs2The fastest way to mute that alarm for that one job is to right click on the cell box. Right clicking anywhere in the box will mute it and you will see the border of that cell change to a dashed border. The color of the Requester Name will also change to a different color. If you right click the cell again it will unmute it. This is the fastest and best way to do this for any cells. It will not mute all alarms but only the alarm for that job.

The other way of muting the alarm for a job is in the details section. You will see a "Mute Alarm" button near the bottom. Clicking on that button will mute the alarm. The button will change to "Turn on Alarm" and you can click on it to unmute the alarm.


You can also lower the volume all the way to the left but that's not recommended because it will mute all the alarms for the whole script. You can also change the alarms in the options/alarms menu if the sound is too annoying.


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Color Meaning

Each job cell background color means something that may represent the action mode, accepted hit, limited or some error that it received. Some color changes will fade back to the original color after a few seconds especially when it collected a hit or the collection has stopped.

bgColor Meaning4
Cyan background color means that the job is in normal mode.


bgColor Meaning3
Darker cyan background color means that the job is in search mode.


bgColor Meaning5
Red background color means that the collecting has stopped because of a limit reached or it was only supposed to collect one hit. It will fade back to normal if it stopped collecting. If it reached a limit it will stay red until the limit is lifted.


bgColor Meaning6
Yellow background color means that the script collected a hit. It will fade back to normal after a few seconds.


bgColor Meaning2
Purple background color means that the script tried to collect a hit that you do not have a qualification for. You would need to find out which qualification you need and try to take it or delete the job.


bgColor Meaning1
Black background color means that the script tried to collect a hit that you are BLOCKED from. This color will not fade back to normal and you really should delete it unless you can get the block removed.


bgColor Meaning7
Grayish Cyan background color means that the job is in filter mode which only works with Ibotta hits.


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Job Button Row

At the bottom of the job cell there are 4 buttons which control the collection of the job. If the job has a weight assigned to it then it will be shown at the end of the buttons starting with w and then the number of the weight.

Job Button Row1

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Edit Details

The details button will open up a window and show all the different options that you can change. Below are all the normal options you can change. Check the Edit Advanced Details for help with those.

details normal1

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Edit Advanced Details

The details button will open up a window and show all the different options that you can change. Below are all the advanced options that you can change. Check the Edit Details for help with the normal options. Most of the advanced options don't need to be changed for normal jobs. Some of the advanced options get changed automatically by the script.

details advanced

The number and Qualifications can not be changed because they are used internally or no reason to change them. You may change the Requester Name, Requester ID and Group ID but those will be changed by the script automatically depending on the action mode.

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Weight System

The weight system was recently added to simulate the idea of using your own timers for each job. You can add some weight to each job by changing the weight number in the details section of each job. If the weight number is more than 0 then it means it should skip this number of cycles. So if a cycle is 1 second and you only have this job collecting with a weight of 10 then it would be checking for a hit every ten seconds. If you had 2 jobs then it would be checking every 20 seconds but the other job would be checking every second. This gives more chance of grabbing a hit from another hit. This could be good for a requester that drops a big batch and you just want to know if it drops. You can have a weight on it and use a delayed ham to collect as many as you can when it drops. Remember to turn off the weight if it's a large batch or lower the weight if needed.

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Save Search Group ID Mode

This mode is only useful when this job is in Search mode. When it finds 1 hit with a search it will save the Group ID for a panda and will always use that number instead of a search. This can save time if you are only waiting for one hit and didn't know the Group ID number. If it finds more than 1 hit in a search it will do the same thing the regular Search mode will do.

To change a job to use this mode you just have to click on the cell. The border of the job cell will change to red. This tells you it's going to save the Group ID if it only finds 1 hit. If it finds more than 1 hit then it will do a panda for each 3 hits just like a normal search mode would do. This is useful for requesters who have different group ID's each time they post 1 batch. If a requester posts more than 1 hit then this would not work because it will just panda on the all the hits it finds.

Save Search Group ID

This mode will remember the Group ID as long as the collect button is still on. Once you turn the collection off then it will forget the ID. Next time you start collecting, it will first do a regular search and then remember the Group ID if it finds 1 hit. This can be useful for hits that constantly get new ID's every time they drop. If you just wanted to find the Group ID of a hit that recently changed but probably not change again you can just switch the action mode back to Panda. It will use the last found Group ID number for the panda from now on.

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Search Mode

Having a job in search mode means it will do a search on the Requester ID and find the first 3 highest paid hits. If it only found 1 hit then it will just try to panda that hit. If it found 3 hits it will then try to panda each of the 3 hits every turn it gets from the cycle timer.

You can also change options for the search mode as well. The only option is to set the minimum pay price to use in a search. Any hit below this price will not be used for a panda.


When this job is in Delayed Ham status it actually changes how the search mode works for 1 hit found. It uses a mode called Save Search Group ID to actually save the Group ID it found. It uses the saved ID to panda it continuously and will not do a search again until it gets out of ham mode. This makes it very fast and is very useful for a requester who drops a small batch with new Group ID's all the time or you don't know the ID yet. Once it gets out of ham mode it will forget the ID and does a regular search. You can force the job to save the ID always by changing it to Save Search Group ID mode by yourself.

Delayed Save Search Group ID

There is also another search mode that is not easily changed, because it's not very useful right now. It's called Search Pantha Mode. It basically does a search and when it finds a hit it will do a pantha action on it instead of a panda. I haven't found any use for any hit but it could be good for a throttled batch you are trying to get with a search. Probably just using the Delayed Ham Status with a search would work better. The only way to get into this mode is use the other button on the details section and type in searchpantha in the Action field.

Pantha no longer works because mturk stopped it from working the way it did. It will be removed soon so don't worry about it. It does a regular panda now.

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Can I add a job in search mode?

No you can only add Group ID or panda links. Search mode is not always the best way to collect…

No you can only add Group ID or panda links. Search mode is not always the best way to collect hits. It's a slow process because it has to do a search first, find the hits, send a panda request to mturk and then hope to get the hit. The way mturk works when a new hit gets posted is slow too. panda links will find hits even before it gets to a search page so always try to use a panda job.

If you really need to add a search job then the easiest way is find a hit from the requester using the helper script or search mturk button. Use the add button and then change the action mode to a search from a panda. It should already have the Requester ID. If you can't find any hits from this requester then just and any panda and fill in the requester ID. Change it to a search mode and it should work.

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