The jobs menu shows 5 new buttons which deals with listing, adding, saving, exporting or importing jobs. The main button takes you back to the main menu. The save button is to save all jobs, options, positions and tabs but this isn't really needed because the script saves stuff automatically. Only times it might not save is if it saves after getting a hit. It will save that info if you interact with any button.

Menu Buttons Jobs

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List Jobs

A great way to see all of your jobs is through the list jobs or search jobs buttons. You can do a fast search showing any jobs that have the requester name or title with the search word in it. You can also show all jobs with no search word, any jobs collecting, any jobs not collecting, any jobs doing a search mode or any jobs collecting only one hit. Showing jobs that collect only once is a great way to delete all your survey jobs. The way to delete jobs is by selecting them with the checkbox on the left side. The top checkbox will select all jobs so be careful. Push the delete selected button to delete the jobs you have selected. You can also collect or change detail options from the buttons on the right also.

list jobs window1

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Add Jobs

Adding a job with the add button on the shortcut row or the job menu will bring up this dialog. You can enter the panda url, group id number or even a url as long as it's pointing to a panda url. You can not add a search job at this time because search jobs should only be used after knowing the panda's are different all the time. Search mode is slower then a panda so always try a panda first. The options you can set here are for it to start collecting right away or just collecting once. Adding a job this way will only fill in the Group ID because it can't find the details until it finds a hit to collect. It will also show the Group ID in the title and description. You should change the friendly name or title to know what the jobs is for. The better way of adding a job is through the Search Jobs button on the shortcut row or from the Panda Crazy Helper script because it will fill in a lot of the important details about a job like the requester ID, requester name, title and description.

Add New Job

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Export Jobs

Exporting jobs is the way to save all your jobs and options to a file on your computer. It saves it to a comma delimited file so it can be read in a text editor if you want to. Not recommended to change anything in the file. Now that you have everything saved you can export the jobs and options back in the script in another browser, another computer or after a data reset. By default the alarm sounds are not saved because they make the file big and you really don't need to save it all the time. I recommend to save your alarms at least once especially if you change them. Saved files with alarm sounds will now have "_w_alarms" text at the end of the file.

Export Data

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Import Jobs

When you have a saved .json file you can import the options, data or alarm sounds here. The script should be able to import data files from any export file saved after July of 2016. I am hoping this will always work so you don't have to lose your data at all. Now some saved files will have alarm sounds and others will not. You can pick and choose which data you want to load in. So if you just want some old alarm sounds back make sure to leave the checkbox on for alarm sounds and turn off the import data checkbox.

Import Data

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