About Script

Be sure to have the script running in it's own window. Browsers will limit scripts to 1 second timers but the script needs timers to run under 1 second.

Panda Crazy is a script that was created because I thought trying to set timers for each panda was not very efficient. Usually what would happen is an overlap of timers which would cause PRE's or the timers would be spaced out too far that it wasn't fast enough to grab hits before others got it. This script actually figures out the perfect timers for you depending on one timer that is set. The one timer is called a cycle. A cycle timer is an amount of time that it waits to do a specific panda in a queue.

Panda Crazy Preview

First because this script can do other modes besides just a panda I call a panda a job. A job is basically a representation of one hit or a requester to collect. You can collect a hit with a panda, pantha or a search mode which will be explained in other topics. A cell is what you see on the display which looks like a box that contains the name of the requester, pay rate, description and buttons. A cell can be moved in different positions or to another tab.

A cycler queue is what the script uses to keep the jobs it needs to collect in order. Think of it as a line at a store. The first person at the front will get served first and then that person will go to the back in the line. The next person will get served next and so on. Each job you have collected will be in this queue. For each cycle one job gets served or tries to collect a hit. It will then move that job to the back of the queue wait another cycle and then try to collect the next hit. Think of each cycle as 1 second so if you have 5 jobs collecting it will take 5 seconds to get through all the jobs in a queue and then collect the first job again. Now this script can collect under a second and mturk allows requests each 970 milliseconds. One second has 1000 milliseconds. If mturk gets requests faster than 970 then it will send an error about going to fast which is called a PRE, Page Request Error.

The backup is called export in the script. Click on the Jobs button at the top and then the export button. Click on the Export to File to export all data to a file so you can import that file back in. If you changed the alarms you should put a checkmark on the Export Alarm Sounds too.

Posted 3 years ago

Yes I am making this an extension for chrome right now. I don't have a lot of free time so I have no idea when it would be ready. First I am trying to make it an exact copy of it with faster and better ideas first then I might add more stuff. It's on github right now but it's not ready for the general public.

Posted 5 years ago

If you want to be limited by the browser and let others grab hits instead of you then feel free to keep using a tab for Panda Crazy and ignore the warning. The warning is to educate people to put it in it's own window so it can go as fast as possible to grab hits which I have in the instructions on the script install page ever since I created the script. Put it in it's own window and let it sit behind all the other windows. I guarantee it will find hits a lot faster.

Posted 6 years ago

how to put in its own window

There is two ways to do this. Once you have Panda Crazy running in a tab you can drag the…

There is two ways to do this. Once you have Panda Crazy running in a tab you can drag the tab away from the top of the browser window. It should automatically create a window with that one tab in it. You should just put it somewhere on your desktop and only work in the other window with all your other tabs. I like positioning it below my windows so I can see the queue watch on the side.

You can also click on the browser menu. It should have New Window at the top. Just click on that and it will start a new window for you. Load up Panda Crazy in that window and leave it in the background. I believe Ctrl+N might create a new window also.

Posted 6 years ago

Panda Crazy should run in it's own window with no tabs. Browsers limit scripts to 1 second timers but the script uses timers in milliseconds to make sure it's not missing any new hits or new jobs. That is why I have all links open up in a new window so this shouldn't be done because it will limit the script. It may also stop alarms from sounding if it's not focused so leave it in it's own window. I just updated the script to give a warning when it's in a tab not focused.

Posted 6 years ago

What does a dotted line around a hit mean?

A dotted line means that the alarms are muted for that job. You can right click on the job and…

A dotted line means that the alarms are muted for that job. You can right click on the job and it will unmute. There is also a mute/unmute option in the details of the job.

Posted 6 years ago

I do realize that edge can run scripts now but it is still limited in what a script can do. I can't support edge at this time. I don't know why it's not working correctly. I support 100% chrome browser. I also support firefox but the changes they are making with that browser can cause problems so I can't guarantee it will run perfectly in it.

Posted 6 years ago

What does it mean if a hit is outlined in red?

Only search jobs can have red outline. It means that the search job is no longer searching for hits because…

Only search jobs can have red outline. It means that the search job is no longer searching for hits because it found a hit and it's trying to grab that hit only. Usually you see that when you have it on Go ham delayed. You might see that if you mistakenly clicked the hit with your left button. So if it's not in ham mode and it's still red then left click on the hit box if you want it to do searches again. This is useful so it doesn't have to search for every cycle especially when it already knows there is a hit found.

Posted 6 years ago

how do i delete the hits if it collects to many of the same ones

Look on the hit job on the bottom you will see an x button for each hit. That will delete…

Look on the hit job on the bottom you will see an x button for each hit. That will delete the job. You can also go to jobs menu click the list button and then select any hit you want deleted by the checkboxes. Click on the Delete Selected button on top to delete multiple jobs.

Posted 6 years ago

I had to reinstall chrome and with it all my scripts and now Panda Crazy doesn't show notifications. How can I fix that?

Look in the url bar of your browser. There should be an icon to the left with an i letter…

Look in the url bar of your browser. There should be an icon to the left with an i letter or a lock. Click on it and look for Notifications. Make sure it says allow. In Panda Crazy go to the options/general menu and make sure Disable Desktop Notifications is False.

Posted 6 years ago

Please develop it for Mturks new site

This script is already developed for worker.mturk.com. It's been able to handle the new site since April. The update in…

This script is already developed for worker.mturk.com. It's been able to handle the new site since April. The update in August made sure it can handle any redirects and now has a new url to start with: https://worker.mturk.com/?filters[search_term]=pandacrazy=on

Posted 6 years ago

Does it matter what order you put things in, and does it go by tab as well?

It does not matter the order jobs are put in. It does not matter if it's in different tabs. The…

It does not matter the order jobs are put in. It does not matter if it's in different tabs. The tabs are for you to organize. The script only sees the jobs you have on collect and will go through each one.

Posted 7 years ago

No, you can't set it a panda to turn off by a timer at this time. Not sure if that's really a feature that would be useful. I think it's better to know what panda's you are running at all times and change how many are running throughout the day. Having more than 10 panda's running may lower your chance of grabbing that great hit you want. But I will think about it.

Posted 7 years ago

Search mode works when you fill in the requester ID field in the details section and switch the action mode to search. The problem with search mode is it will change your search on mturk to showing hits from highest paid to lowest. There is no way for me to fix that because mturk changes your search setting on their side at this time.

Posted 7 years ago

How do I add jobs?

There are two ways to add a job in this script. One of the ways is the Add Job button…

There are two ways to add a job in this script. One of the ways is the Add Job button and the other is using the Search Mturk button to find hits on mturk. From the search list you will be able to add job and collect instantly, add job and collect instantly but only accept one hit, or add a job without collecting instantly. You can also add a job with the help from a helper script that adds buttons to mturk pages.

Posted 7 years ago

Install Script

I only have a computer running windows so I can't say for sure if it will work for other operating systems. That depends on the browser and script extension that is being used. I have no mac to test anything on so can't say if it should work or not. If you can get chrome on your computer it probably could work. Firefox is another possibility.

Posted 6 years ago

Helper Add On Scripts

This script is very large and can eat up a lot of memory if constantly used on every page so I only have it work on the welcome page of mturk because it's least used by other scripts and mturk themselves. The script allows external communications from other scripts so I use this feature to make smaller helper scripts. I will list the helper scripts here that I made or find useful from others.

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Developers Documentation

This script is capable of being controlled by other scripts. All the helper scripts that are designed for this script uses this special messaging system to control it. I use a localStorage variable to accept commands because it can be used with any script as long as it's on the same domain name. The postMessage way of sending messages is mostly for cross domain messaging so I didn't need that if all scripts are running on mturk.com. At this time I only accept localStorage communication but may accept postMessage in the future.

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Release Notes

  • Version 0.5.16
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.15
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.14
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.13
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.12
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.11
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.10
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.9
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.8
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.7
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.6
    • New Features:
      • Feature 1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Bug 1
  • Version 0.5.5
    • New Features:
      • Allows external scripts to add search jobs.
      • New url to start Panda Crazy: https://worker.mturk.com/requesters/PandaCrazy/projects
    • Bugs Fixed:
  • Version 0.5.4
    • New Features:
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Another small fix so the &resetalldata=yes command works on the new site too.
  • Version 0.5.3
    • New Features:
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Quick fix to make it work with old url still.
      • New url will work now if logged out and then log back in.
  • Version 0.5.2
    • New Features:
      • Script should still work on old site after mturk redirects people to new worker site.
      • You can now filter multiple Group ID's in search options by separating them with a comma.
      • Alarms will only sound once when collecting lot of hits in a batch. After about 8 seconds of not collecting hits the alarm suppression will turn off and sound again.
      • All alarms can be individually muted in the Option/Alarms menu.
      • You can turn on Text To Speech for each alarm in the Options/Alarms menu by clicking on the tts button. You may have it sound the regular alarm and after let it speak which requester it accepted. If you only want TTS then mute alarm. This is a first attempt with TTS so may have problems.
      • Lowered ham timer limit to 5ms.
      • Ham timer now defaults to 900 because hits are being throttled more which makes lower timers not useful anymore.
      • Removed command to have script use both old and new site due to conflicts.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • One bug fixed when search hits get stuck on filtered hits.
      • Alarm bug fixed that caused it to sound alarm twice sometimes.
      • Fixed a bug where alarm options weren't being saved sometimes.
      • Fixed a bug where some dialogs and buttons are displayed wrong when using it on new worker site.
  • Version 0.5.1
    • New Features:
      • Script will be unpaused automatically after you close the popup window for filling in captcha or logging back in.
      • Search mode jobs should be a bit faster now after last update.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Captchas should get detected on the new site now.
      • Max and min price search options should now save correctly.
  • Version 0.5.0
    • New Features:
      • Search mode has 3 new options which will let you filter out hits by term or group ID. use these so it won't panda hits you don't want to do or already have done. You can also include hits by term for it to panda for you. Only one term will be searched so don't use commas to separate multiple terms. Doesn't work that way and could be extremely slow if it had to search each hit for each term.
      • Search mode can now be limited to a max price. Remember these new options are for convenient but could slow down search jobs so use them sparingly. Later I might allow more GID and terms.
      • You can now revert options back to the default value by pressing a D button on the right side of a text input field or double click the number for incremental digit values.
      • Ham timer can now be lowered to 5 seconds instead of 10 for delayed ham timer mode.
      • You can now force a job to automatically go into delayed ham mode on the job edit dialog.
      • The stop auto slowdown button option will now be saved so you don't have to always turn it on each time you restart the script.
      • Script detects mturk daily limit and will stop all jobs giving a new message as well.
      • You can now set a dailylimit in the details dialog for a job which can be used for personal limits you want. It resets at midnight MTURK time or if you set the dailylimit back to 0.
      • When receiving a captcha the requester name is now bold in the dialog that pops up.
      • Script now will work on the new site but with limited features and some problems. Two ways to make it work on new site:
        • go to: https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome?pandacrazy=on&usenewsite=yes
        • go to: https://worker.mturk.com/?filters[search_term]=pandacrazy=on
        Using the worker.mturk.com url to start Panda Crazy will allow it to accept added hits from the helper script when that gets updated in the future. If you use the old mturk.com url to start it then it only accepts added jobs from the helper script from the mturk.com and not from the new site. This is a security feature from the browser dealing with messaging passing only allowed on same domain name and not including subdomains.
      • Current problems and feature changes for new site:
        • Return links in queue watch will not be shown due to a different way of returning which needs more information.
        • Pantha jobs will just do a regular panda due to changes in the accepting a specific hit on new site. (Pantha mode is no longer great anyway)
        • Any filtered jobs will only panda the hits and not filter them out due to changes in the accepting a specific hit on new site.
      • More efficient use of the queue data for the queue helper script which will be updated soon with many new features.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Dialogs should show correct text color even if using stylish to change mturk theme.
      • Jobs Date Added will show the full date instead of a shorten version.
  • Version 0.4.4
    • New Features:
      • Will now remember the date a job was added and display it in the details section. (Shows date only for newer added jobs.)
      • Details section will now show the pay rate and duration. You can edit them too but will be changed by script after job is found.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Fixed a few problems with adding jobs from external scripts.
      • Fixed a bug when changing friendly name or title and it reverts back to the original.
  • Version 0.4.3
    • New Features:
      • Notifications will now be shown for a captcha alert and when you are logged off.
      • Clicking on any of the friendly options in the details section it will change both friendly options to an input so it's faster to change both.
      • Now when in search mode there is another stat displayed in the accepted stats. It will show the accepted number followed by a / and then the amount of new hits it has found. It will add to this counter every time a new hit drops. It will also add to the counter for every UNIQUE hit it finds.
      • When a job is in search mode it will now remember the last 12 hits it found and saves it in storage for future use.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Fixed a bug when showing the time that a hit was accepted and showing undefined for the hour.
      • Fixed a bug when background color of job does not change back to normal after limit reached and job is turned off.
      • Fixed a bug where clicking on the collecting status text wouldn't show the full list of jobs collecting.
      • Fixed a small bug when collecting keywords from a hit and it collected spaces and carriage return in text.
  • Version 0.4.2
    • New Features:
      • Will now show release notes for current updated version at first start after an update.
      • Can get a lot more help for the script at http://pandacrazy.allbyjohn.com/
      • Added an option to maybe speed up pantha mode but could cause more pre's.
      • Time accepted is now in a different color so it's easier to see in the accepted status window.
      • When exporting alarm sounds the file will end with "_w_alarms" to distinguish it from others with no alarms.
      • When importing a file the browse button will only show files ending with .json so data files are easier to find.
      • When searching through jobs you can now sort by jobs that have the once option enabled to make it easier to find disposable jobs.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Fixed a bug where the add tab button disappeared by mistake.
      • Fixed a bug where the captcha counter may not disappear after not getting any captchas after the limit.
      • May have fixed a bug when a hit is collected in between grabbing the queue hits and not having the newest hit in queue watch.
      • Fixed a bug when collection is stopped because once is enabled but the job cell stays red.
      • Fixed a bug where trying to change once in the details window will not work correctly.
      • Fixed a bug when changing options and it would change it before you pushed the save button.
      • Fixed a bug where you couldn't put a job into Save Search Group ID Mode.
  • Version 0.4.1
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Fixed a bug where the new captcha counter would change captcha number to 0 and not count back up.
      • Changed how the script displays the jobs to make it faster at load up. Tested it with 400 jobs and the delay is better now. I still recommend to have under 400 jobs but it shouldn't cause a lot of slowness now.
      • Changed the text to disable captcha counter to: Show Captcha Counter Text
      • Will now show unknown if groupid is blank.
      • Will stop a panda if groupid is blank.
      • Disabled moving of tabs due to a bug when moving jobs to the moved tab.
  • Version 0.4.0
    • New Features:
      • Added a captcha counter on the bottom after the queue watcher tab. The script will count each hit it accepts and will reset the counter when it gets to a captcha. There is a new option in the generals menu for the number of hits before a captcha appears. It's at 35 by default.
      • Added a new option in the generals menu to disable the captcha counter for people who have masters and don't get captcha's.
      • Added a new option for the number of hits before a captcha appears. This number will be used for future updates but now it's only used to make the captcha counter disappear after (this number+5) hits accepted without a captcha.
      • The Search Jobs and Search Mturk window is now redesigned. It should be faster for large amount of jobs instead of taking around 10 seconds to load. The window looks a bit different too. The cancel or close button is at the top right of the window.
      • The captcha alert window now shows more details of the hit it was trying to grab and has a link to the panda it tried.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Fixed a bug where you couldn't delete multiple jobs in the search jobs window.
      • Fixed a bug where the search jobs didn't show all of the jobs you have. This happened because some jobs became an orphan and they had no position in any of the tabs. This might have happened due to moving them to different tabs or an error when deleting it. Now when you search jobs it will actually delete the orphans to make sure those jobs won't cause a problem.
  • Version 0.3.18
    • New Features:
      • The time a hit was accepted will now show up in the accepted tab on the bottom.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Fixed a bug where you couldn't search on mturk anymore with the search mturk button.
      • Fixed a bug where it would not get out of ham mode when deleting a job in ham mode.
  • Version 0.3.17
    • New Features:
      • Added a delete button on each job that looks like an X to make it easier for people to delete jobs.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Script should load up faster for people who have over 100 jobs. It will still be slow when listing all the jobs.
      • May have fixed a problem when listing jobs and not all of them shows up. If this problem still occurs I can fix it easier if someone could go into their javascript console and report any errors that come up when displaying the jobs. Also the next job after the last one is probably the reason why it's not listing all of the jobs so finding it and deleting it may fix it.
      • May fix a problem for people using the queue helper script where it doesn't always go to the next hit in queue.
      • Cleaned up some code to iterate over objects a bit faster.
  • Version 0.3.16
    • New Features:
      • Two more stats are added for PRE'S. It now counts pre's it gets in ham mode and out of ham mode. These stats can be seen by clicking on the PRE'S text at the top. Pre's from ham mode is expected so it's not as important as the pre's it gets in normal mode.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Queue hit limit for jobs are more responsive and more accurate.
      • A big memory problem was found and now fixed. If you found the script slowing down or not getting a lot of hits when leaving the script running for hours or days than this should fix it. I recommend to restart the script every day any way. Best way to restart in chrome specifically is to close the tab or window PC is running. Then make a new window and start PC so it clears out all the memory that tab or window was running. Chrome doesn't clear out that memory as much as it should.Technical: The memory problem was coming from tooltips in the Jquery UI library. It wasn't removing the div tooltip message it was creating so it would just add up until the script would slow down too much. The tooltips are supposed to do that to be compatible to all browsers but I didn't realize that. I found a work around by destroying the tooltip after the mouse moves away and then recreating the tooltip.
  • Version 0.3.15
    • New Features:
      • When importing an exported file you can now choose to load only data, only alarms or both so you don't need to save alarms all the time.
      • Total earning shows your P.E. plus the hits in your queue pay plus any new collected hits.
      • Can now go to https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome?pandacrazy=on&resetalldata=yes to reset data if you need to.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Alarms from exported files did not save correctly sometimes but now it should work.
      • Some memory cleanup just in case of memory leaks which may happen on fast batches.
      • Display minimal shows 3 rows instead of 5 rows which stopped working when I made a previous fix.
      • Tries to fix any data that had a null value from previous versions. Can try importing an older exported file to see if it loads it in.
  • Version 0.3.8 to 0.3.14
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Last update caused problems due to saving null data in 2 data spots.All these updates were small changes to try to fix this error.
      • Fixed a problem where the search options button did not work.
      • Fixed a problem where the options/timers button did not work.
      • Fixed a problem where jobs were not being added correctly.
      • Fixed a problem when trying to change mode to search and set requester ID at same time.
      • Fixed a problem when trying to use the details button on some jobs.
      • Fixed some data that had null values saved because of an error.
      • May have fixed a problem where jobs were not showing up in the job list window.
  • Version 0.3.7
    • New Features:
      • Queue watch is now sorted when new hit is accepted.
      • Search mode has a new option for minimum pay rate to collect.
      • New way to input seconds or milliseconds for some options.
      • Pay for accepted hits and P.E. stats at top are done differently.
      • New external script message system has been added for future use so more helper scripts can be added to lower the pre's.
    • Bugs Fixed:
      • Job display should now show all jobs correctly.
      • Queue will stop updating when you are logged out.
      • Some windows had the unpause button which shouldn't be there.
      • Fixed some empty spaces in tab windows.
      • Requester names should always have something displayed now.
      • Queue watch should have newly accepted hits added to list.
      • When using weight system sometimes wrong jobs were turning off or on is now fixed.
  • Version 0.3.6 = Fixes a bug when trying to stop a job when it's in ham mode. Fixes a bug when importing and some buttons won't work anymore.
  • Version 0.3.5 = Fixes a bug when a job should only accept one but stops the wrong job.
  • Version 0.3.4 = There was a bug when I introduced the weight system that cause an error and stopped the main cycle timer. This should be fixed with a rewrite of the core functions and continue after error instruction. Status log tab on the bottom will now show the current running job stats including the seconds it waits to check that job. You can now disable desktop notifications in the general options menu. Debugging log levels can be changed in the general options menu to show critical to detailed logs in the browsers console log.
  • Version 0.3.3 = Small fix for the new weight system. It wasn't actually skipping the correct number of cycles.
  • Version 0.3.2 = Stats for total searched is now moved to the Accepted stats area. Mturk Queue total number stat at top is removed. Clicking on the black background of the queue watch will refresh the queue watch data. Job box will changed to purple if not qualified and dark grey if you are blocked. NS4T.NET url's can be used to add a job now. Desktop Notifications have been changed a bit. Now can add some weight to a job which will allow it to skip an amount of cycles.
  • Version 0.3.1 = Dragging and dropping jobs on a tab will move jobs to the bottom of that tab contents. Moving jobs should now be a lot easier but can only position a job in it's own tab now. Can now delete multiple jobs by using the search jobs button, list button in the jobs menu or clicking on the running status text at top. Search button has been broken up into a search job button and a search mturk button. Fixed a bug when in pantha mode and captcha alarm is disabled. Script will be able to handle the new mturk format when it becomes live.
  • Version 0.3.0 = Now can optionally add alarm sounds to export file and import it back in. Can disable captcha alert and queue alert in the options/general menu. Fixed a bug when in pantha mode where the script goes faster than mturk and thinks it accepted 2 hits rather than just 1. Did some work on the searching through your jobs but not finished yet.
  • Version 0.2.13 = Alarm options are now loaded correctly after changes. Now will redo a preview or accept when script encounters a pre. Search mode should be slightly faster especially in delayed ham mode. Delayed ham mode button turns off now correctly.
  • Version 0.2.12 = Groupings instructions are not hidden anymore. More helptips added to the menu buttons. Some options are checked for limits. Now displays missed hits stat for pantha mode. Added 2 more cycle timers so it's easier to run with other scripts. Queue watch now changes color on alarm to grab attention.
  • Version 0.2.11 = Some added features for pantha action mode.
  • Version 0.2.10 = Search mode in details section is now fixed. Can set the minimum minutes on a hit for the queue alarm to sound. A few fixes for detecting logged off and captchas. Small other fixes.
  • Version 0.2.9 = Action mode Preta renamed to Pantha. Added buttons to change action mode in details window. Now will search in ham mode.
  • Version 0.2.8 = Fixed a bug where cycle gets reset when stopping a delayed ham hit. Fixed alarms option menu clear bug when changing timer or pay rate. Added error checking for action edit in details window. Added a new action advanced mode called preta.
  • Version 0.2.7 = Fixed a problem when in go ham mode and adding new hits. Fixed a button color bug. Fixed the tab close button not showing up. Fixed a problem with the stop auto slowdown button.
  • Version 0.2.6 = Fixed hit queue limit bug. Queue watch shows newly collected hits. Fixed delayed ham mode not turning off. Fixed requester name updating. Changed the alarm option page.
  • Version 0.2.5 = Search page saves the previous search correctly. Will now show your projected earnings if you have the add on helper script. Input is now focused on the search page. Added support for queue hit limit. Alarm for logged off and captchas is added. When hits are collected it adds info to the queue watch tab now.
  • Version 0.2.4 = Adding panda's from script or helper would stop all buttons from working. Fixed now. Queue number is added to the Queue watcher tab. Links open in a new window. Search page title can now be clicked to open hit in a new window for preview.
  • Version 0.2.3 = Fixed a bug that caused it to crash in chrome.
  • Version 0.2.2 = Search button is added but can only search mturk.com for now.
  • Version 0.2.1 = Queue watch wasn't working after stopping all jobs. It is now fixed.
  • Version 0.2.0 = Small bugs fixed. Script is now public and can be searched.
  • Version 0.1.9 = Queue watch and alarm is added. The alarm works for big batches. Script to script communication is added to support add on scripts.
  • Version 0.1.8 = Alarms had a bad problem but now is fixed.
  • Version 0.1.7 = Tabs are now able to be added and deleted. Can add to groupings. Help menu and help tooltips added.
  • Version 0.1.6 = More small bugs got fixed.
  • Version 0.1.5 = Some small bugs fixed. Command to reset all script is added.
  • Version 0.1.4 = Some small bugs fixed. Editing groups is now working.
  • Version 0.1.3 = Groupings are now working. Deleting groups work too.
  • Version 0.1.2 = Alarms now save after editing. Moving hits to tabs is implemented.
  • Version 0.1.1 = First day posting script on greasyfork but private.

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