Add Job

There are 3 ways in this script to add a job. The easiest and fastes way is to push the "Add Job" button in the Quick Button Row. Just paste a panda url into the text field and then click on the "Add Panda for Group ID Hit" button. You can also paste the groupid into that field to add it also. It will also accept a url if it's a panda url.

Add Job1

The second way to add is the same way but just one click more. The same "Add Job" button is also under the Jobs Menu at the top. It's best just to use the quick button.

Add Job2

The third way it to use the "Search Mturk" button in the Quick Button Row. It will show a window and an input field where you can type a search term. Once you click on the search button it will show the first 50 hits on mturk. You will see three buttons on the right side. Panda button will add the hit info to the main tab and start collecting it automatically. The Once button will add the hit info and only collect one hit. It will stop collecting but will not delete that job. The Add button will add the hit info but won't collect it automatically. This is good if you need to change options for it before collecting.

Add Job3

The best thing about using the third option to add a job is it fills in all details for the job. It will know the requester ID, group ID, title, description, qualifications, number of hits and reward price. Great way to easily add a search mode job if you need it for a requester.

There is another way to add jobs but that is a separate script called Panda Crazy Helper which adds the Panda and Once buttons to mturk pages. Those buttons do the same thing as the buttons described above.

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