Tabs are a helpful way for users to organize their jobs that they are saving. Each tab can be named anything you want and can hold any type of jobs. You can add a tab by clicking on the plus button on the right side. A dialog will pop up asking for the name of the tab. Type it in and push OK. You can also delete tabs with the x on the side of each tab. Any jobs inside the tab will go to the main tab to the left. When adding a job through the add job button the tab that is shows will have the job added to it. If you add a job in any other way it will be added to main tab.

Tab row

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Moving Jobs To Tabs

The easiest way to move a job to another tab is drag and drop. Click on the job you want moved and drag it to the tab you want it to be moved in. Release the mouse button on the tab and it will show up in the tab on the bottom. You can also rearrange the jobs in any tab by dragging and dropping them to any position you would like.

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