Status Row

Right under the menu row is the status row which displays all your stats constantly being updated. Each text can be clicked on and show more stats. The text will turn red if it gets changed to a new stat and then fade back to the original color.

Status Row

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Job Collecting Status

The job collecting status will show how many jobs are running. This is a good way to know if you might have too many running which could lower your chance of grabbing hits. I usually recommend having under 10 jobs collecting at once because that is around 10 seconds to fully go through all the jobs you have collecting. Now if you have some jobs that don't need to be collected very fast like batches then you can have more collecting. You can also use the weight system to have some skip cycles so the chances are not as low and you can have more than 10 jobs collecting. I think it's important to know why you are collecting the jobs and maybe rethink some lower paid jobs.

You can click on the text showing the number of jobs and it will open up a dialog window showing all the jobs you have running. It is the same dialog window that pops up if you pressed the Search Jobs button. If you are collecting no jobs then clicking on this text will show all your jobs in the dialog window.

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Elapsed Status

The elapsed stats is probably the most important stat that you should check always. It should be as close to the main timer as possible. Each time you click on the text you will display a new stat. It displays elapsed time, main cycling time, time slowed by and the minimum ham cycle.

Status Row Elapsed Click

For the example above you can see the cycling is slowed by 90ms because it probably received some PRE's. You can take that time away by pressing the reset timer button. If the elapsed time is really high like in the 2000ms area then you should reset it unless you have other scripts running. If you do have other scripts running you might want to use the second timer or third timer which have slower times.

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The accepted stats shows you how many hits the script has accepted since it started. You can also click on the text to see other stats. It will display accepted hits, total jobs searched, missed hits and skipped hits. Skipped hit are only done in a filtering mode which is only done on one type of hits. Missed stats is only useful for pantha mode and it means a hit wasn't accepted due to throttling or someone else grabbed it before you.

Status Row Accepted Click

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The PRE's stat is useful if you are trying find out if the timer is slow or too fast. When the script is only in normal mode and it's getting PRE's then you are probably running another script at same time. Try to use the second timer or third timer. You can change the timers for both scripts to find a good balance. Also be sure you really need the scripts running because if you have a full queue and working on a good batch do you really need a script to scrape for more at this time? It's always best to use the tools efficiently to make you work better and make more money.

Status Row Pre Click

You can click on the PRE stats and it will display other stats. It will display the total number of PRE's, PRE's received in ham mode, PRE's received in normal mode and error stats. The error stats is just for weird pages the script might receive but usually this should be 0. It's expected to get PRE's in ham mode because it is sending requests faster than mturk wants. Anything below 980ms will cause PRE's. I have broken up the stats into PRE's that it got from ham mode and from normal mode so you can figure out if the normal timers are too fast or if it's just the ham mode that is causing so many PRE's. Use this info to change things or maybe you need it very fast to get hits from throttled batches. PRE's may not be terrible so don't worry about it. Just be sure you know where they are coming from.

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I find the total stat very useful as I work. It works great if you collect all your hits with Panda Crazy because it will just add the reward to the total. Sometimes you collect hits outside of the script and that won't be added up. There is a way around this problem if you also downloaded the Panda Crazy Helper script. If you have a script that shows your P.E on your dashboard then the helper script will read it and send it to this script and update the P.E. stat. The helper script can't add up the P.E. so you need another script like Mturk Dashboard, mmmturkeybacon Today's Projected Earnings or MTurk HIT Database.

Status Row Total

Once the script knows the P.E. then it just adds all the hits you have in your queue and updates the total stat. You can click on the total stat text to show either the P.E. or total stat.

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