Job Collecting Status

The job collecting status will show how many jobs are running. This is a good way to know if you might have too many running which could lower your chance of grabbing hits. I usually recommend having under 10 jobs collecting at once because that is around 10 seconds to fully go through all the jobs you have collecting. Now if you have some jobs that don't need to be collected very fast like batches then you can have more collecting. You can also use the weight system to have some skip cycles so the chances are not as low and you can have more than 10 jobs collecting. I think it's important to know why you are collecting the jobs and maybe rethink some lower paid jobs.

You can click on the text showing the number of jobs and it will open up a dialog window showing all the jobs you have running. It is the same dialog window that pops up if you pressed the Search Jobs button. If you are collecting no jobs then clicking on this text will show all your jobs in the dialog window.

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