Switching Timers

This script is designed to go as fast as possible to collect hits. The problem with this is if you want to run a script to monitor or scrape hits on mturk then it can interfere with the main timer and cause a lot more PRE's. The script will slow down when it receives PRE's but it can take a long time to find the perfect timer to run with other scripts. Now there are three timers that can be used for these instances.

Menu Button Timer Numbers

The first timer is the fastest and by default it's right at the edge of getting PRE's which is around 980ms. The second timer is set by default to 1400ms and it should give more space for other scripts. The third timer is set by default to 2100ms which should be more than enough time to run with other scripts. The three timers can be set in the options/timers menu. If you need to switch to a slower timer than click on the numbers in this menu corresponding to the timer number. Remember if you use a slower timer the chance of grabbing hits before others is lower.

So you need to find the perfect timers for how you work. If you have a great batch and a full queue do you really need to have the scraper on? You can also use monitor scripts offline so it won't mess with PRE's for you. Also hitfinder can run on the new mturk worker site at: worker.mturk.com which has a separate PRE timer and won't interfere with the main mturk site. Remember you need to find the best way to use scripts to work efficiently for you and not just grab all scripts and turn them on.

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