Weight System

The weight system was recently added to simulate the idea of using your own timers for each job. You can add some weight to each job by changing the weight number in the details section of each job. If the weight number is more than 0 then it means it should skip this number of cycles. So if a cycle is 1 second and you only have this job collecting with a weight of 10 then it would be checking for a hit every ten seconds. If you had 2 jobs then it would be checking every 20 seconds but the other job would be checking every second. This gives more chance of grabbing a hit from another hit. This could be good for a requester that drops a big batch and you just want to know if it drops. You can have a weight on it and use a delayed ham to collect as many as you can when it drops. Remember to turn off the weight if it's a large batch or lower the weight if needed.

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