Quick Buttons

These buttons are here for quick access to popular or important features. Some of these buttons are duplicated from other areas and may have more details in those topics instead of here.

Quick Button Row

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The pause button is for when you need to step away from the computer and you don't want it to collect anymore until you come back. The script will actually pause itself when it finds a captcha or if mturk logged you out.

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Start Group

This button will show a list of groupings you have created which you can start or stop. It's the same button in the groupings menu.

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Stop All

This button will stop all collecting of any jobs. It's a fast way to stop everything if you need to go someplace without having to refresh the page or close the page.

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Add Job

This is a fast way to add a job instead of going to the jobs menu. You can find out more about this button in the jobs menu topic.

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Reset Timer

This button will take away any added time due to PRE's. This script will add time each time it receives a PRE to make it easier for you to work from your queue. Usually it does a good job and in time you will have a lot less PRE's but once you finished working and don't have any other scripts running the time added could be a bit too high. The script doesn't know you have finished so it won't take any of the time away. Maybe in the future I could find a way for it to automatically reset it but for now you need to watch the elapsed time and reset it if it gets too high. I think anything over 2000ms is too much. That's about 2 seconds and would lower your chance of grabbing hits before others.

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Search Jobs

This button Shows all your jobs and opens the same thing as clicking on List in the jobs menu or clicking on the text for the amount of  jobs collecting in the status row.

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Search Mturk

This button brings up a dialog window where you can actually make a search on mturk.com so you can add jobs quickly inside the script. You can search for a keyword and sort the results in anyway you want. Once you get a result back you can add a hit with a click of a button. Each button can either add just a job, add a job and collect automatically or add a job and collect automatically but only grab one hit.

Search Mturk1

Search Mturk2

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