Queue Watch

The Queue Watch is the a place where the script shows what you have in your queue. This gets updated from your mturk queue every 40 seconds by default. You can change this time but  it's not recommended because it could cause more PRE's and less chance at getting more hits. Every time a hit is accepted it will be added to the queue in order of the time left. It shows the requester name, reward, time left, title, return link and the continue link.

Queue Watcher1

The hits stay on this list until the script gets an updated list every 40 seconds or the user forces an update. If you use the queue helper script then whenever you accept, submit or return a hit the list will be changed accordingly without sending another request to mturk. On the right side of the queue list you can open your queue to work from it or just check it out.

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Refresh Queue

If the queue watch is not showing your full queue then you can force it to update it with the real data in your mturk queue. To force a refresh just click on any black background in the tab window. This may change in the future but for now this is the way to do it. The script tries to keep an updated queue list without having to make a mturk request. It gets more accurate if you use the queue helper script as well.

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Queue Watch Alert

The script sounds an alarm if any hit has less than 5 minutes left. This is to help you out so you know you better hurry up. You can change the minutes it will sound the alarm at or alarm sound in the Options/Alarms menu. If the alarm is sounding and you click on the continue or return link then the sound will stop until the next time the queue gets updated. You can also quickly mute the queue watch alarm only by clicking on the checkbox to the right. This will only mute this alarm and leave all other alarms alone.

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