Action Mode

The Action mode can be changed by clicking on the buttons or typing in the action mode in the Action option. The other button will let you type in the action mode in the Action option. Just use the buttons.


Normally a job uses panda for the action mode and will use a panda url to try to grab hits. Sometimes a batch can be throttled by Amazon which means even if a batch says it has 1000 hits available you might not get one because they want you to wait. On panda mode it will keep trying until it grabs a hit but sometimes the pantha mode does a better job. Pantha means "Preview ANd THen Accept" which will go to the preview page and then accept the hit if it finds one. For some throttled batches this will work faster than a regular panda but this also depends on your internet access and/or your location distance from mturk servers.

The search mode will use a search url on the requester ID to find any hits. If you change to the search mode you must have a Requester ID filled in or it won't let you save it. The script can't figure out requester ID's by a panda because usually mturk doesn't display that info on a hit. When the job is in Search Mode it will do a search and try to panda the top three highest paid hits it finds.

There are also some other modes that can be typed in with the other button. After pushing the other button the Action option will change to an input field. Just type in the action mode and it will be changed. Be careful because typing something that isn't a command the script knows will have the script do nothing. Other modes are: searchpantha, filterpanda or searchandfilter. Searchpantha is just a search then doing a pantha instead of a panda.



Filterpanda only works with Ibotta requester hits. It filters out the product hits with lot of products to search for. On their penny hits it will filter out any product searches and only collect ones that asks for the total. 3 cent hits will filter out hits that have more than 2 product searches. 5 cent hits will filter out hits that have more than 4 product searches. Any hits asking for tallies will be filtered out. The options for filters can not be changed at this time. It's coded in the script at the very top. Maybe in the future I'll add a way to edit them but filters are not easy to use for hits so I don't want to be adding more. The searchandfilter mode just does a search and then a filter on an Ibotta hit. Remember filters will not work for any other job. Please don't talk about this feature in forums because most other receipt requesters hide the receipts on the preview page and I wouldn't want these hits to be hidden too.

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