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Be sure to have the script running in it's own window. Browsers will limit scripts to 1 second timers but the script needs timers to run under 1 second.

Panda Crazy is a script that was created because I thought trying to set timers for each panda was not very efficient. Usually what would happen is an overlap of timers which would cause PRE's or the timers would be spaced out too far that it wasn't fast enough to grab hits before others got it. This script actually figures out the perfect timers for you depending on one timer that is set. The one timer is called a cycle. A cycle timer is an amount of time that it waits to do a specific panda in a queue.

Panda Crazy Preview

First because this script can do other modes besides just a panda I call a panda a job. A job is basically a representation of one hit or a requester to collect. You can collect a hit with a panda, pantha or a search mode which will be explained in other topics. A cell is what you see on the display which looks like a box that contains the name of the requester, pay rate, description and buttons. A cell can be moved in different positions or to another tab.

A cycler queue is what the script uses to keep the jobs it needs to collect in order. Think of it as a line at a store. The first person at the front will get served first and then that person will go to the back in the line. The next person will get served next and so on. Each job you have collected will be in this queue. For each cycle one job gets served or tries to collect a hit. It will then move that job to the back of the queue wait another cycle and then try to collect the next hit. Think of each cycle as 1 second so if you have 5 jobs collecting it will take 5 seconds to get through all the jobs in a queue and then collect the first job again. Now this script can collect under a second and mturk allows requests each 970 milliseconds. One second has 1000 milliseconds. If mturk gets requests faster than 970 then it will send an error about going to fast which is called a PRE, Page Request Error.

There are two ways to add a job in this script. One of the ways is the Add Job button and the other is using the Search Mturk button to find hits on mturk. From the search list you will be able to add job and collect instantly, add job and collect instantly but only accept one hit, or add a job without collecting instantly. You can also add a job with the help from a helper script that adds buttons to mturk pages.

on Friday October 28
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No, you can't set it a panda to turn off by a timer at this time. Not sure if that's really a feature that would be useful. I think it's better to know what panda's you are running at all times and change how many are running throughout the day. Having more than 10 panda's running may lower your chance of grabbing that great hit you want. But I will think about it.

on Saturday April 08
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It does not matter the order jobs are put in. It does not matter if it's in different tabs. The tabs are for you to organize. The script only sees the jobs you have on collect and will go through each one.

on Thursday May 18
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This script is already developed for worker.mturk.com. It's been able to handle the new site since April. The update in August made sure it can handle any redirects and now has a new url to start with: https://worker.mturk.com/?filters[search_term]=pandacrazy=on

on Friday November 24
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