Job Button Row

At the bottom of the job cell there are 4 buttons which control the collection of the job. If the job has a weight assigned to it then it will be shown at the end of the buttons starting with w and then the number of the weight.

Job Button Row1

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Collect Button

The collect button will add the job to the queue and will start to panda the hit. If the action mode has been changed to a pantha then it will go to the preview page and then try to accept it. If it's in search mode then it will do a search on the requester and try to panda the first high paid hit.

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GoHam Button

The GoHam button will only collect this job and put all other jobs on hold. It will stay in ham mode until you click the GoHam button again. This is good to use when a big batch drops and you want to grab as many hits as possible to fill up your queue. It's best to turn off ham mode after your queue is full.

There is also a way to make the ham mode start automatically when a hit is found. This is called a Delayed Ham status. To do this you need to click on the GoHam button for a second until it turns blue. When in this status the script will collect all jobs normally until it finds a hit for this job. When it finds a job it will go into GoHam Mode until a specified number of seconds and then go back to normal mode. It will stay in Delayed Ham status until it finds another hit and then repeat the process.


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Details Button

The details button is a way to edit the options for a job. You can set a limit on how many hits are allowed to be accepted in your queue. You can change the mode of the job to pantha or search mode. You can change the requester name or title to anything you would like. You can also set up a weight to have it skip some cycles so other jobs have a better chance at grabbing hits. There is also a way to delete or mute the alarms for this job too.

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Delete Button

The delete button was added by request and does exactly the same as the button in the details section. It makes it easier to delete a job from the script. There is another way to delete multiple jobs in the "Search Jobs" button.

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Weight Text

The weight text will show how much weight is on a job which means how many times it will skip a cycle. It will be shown as a W and a number right after representing the times to skip a cycle. You can change this option in the details section easily.

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