Panda Crazy Queue Helper Script

The Panda Crazy Queue Helper script is an add-on for the main script which keeps your queue in order with the lowest timed hit next. It takes your queue data from the Panda Crazy queue watch so it doesn't have to send a request to mturk which may cause PRE's. Usually the mturk queue will send you to the next hit that you accepted and not to the hit that is closest to expire. This script fixes this problem. It's the same concept that mmmturkeybacon Queue Order Fix script does but that script sends a request to get the updated queue at the beginning which may cause more pre's.

This script will constantly be updated any changes to your queue from Panda Crazy script. So if a hit gets accepted while you are working on a hit this script will instantly know and change the next hit accordingly. The script needs Panda Crazy script to be running for it to work. 

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